Boston Authors Project Exhibit Opening at GrubStreet - A Short Film

[embed][/embed] This short film by John Neely documents the opening of the Boston Authors Project, a permanent photographic exhibition of author portraits at GrubStreet by portrait photographer Sharona Jacobs, which took place on September 12, 2014, and includes interviews of the authors who were photographed for the project. Each black and white image, some measuring up to 40", includes snippets of each author's work, as well as the photographer's observations of each shoot.

Regie Gibson, Slam Poet by Sharona Jacobs

Featuring photographs of and writing by: Steve Almond Rita Zoey Chin Nicole Terez Dutton Regie Gibson Anthony James Pablo Medina Rishi Reddi Jane Roper Mako Yoshikawa

Opening of Boston Authors Project at GrubStreet. Photo: Jeremy Kriegel

Of the project, Sharona says: "Writers are the perfect muse; they have a rich inner world, excel at communicating, and have interesting and varied life experiences to draw upon. The Boston Authors Project developed organically with GrubStreet; I had been photographing writers as a personal project for several months when I noticed, again and again, that a creative writer I was photographing was involved with GrubStreet as a teacher or student. Collaborating with such a great hub of fantastic writers has been a portrait photographer's dream come true."

Regie Gibson, slam poet, being filmed by John Neely, at GrubStreet

Boston Author Project opening at GrubStreet. Author and actor Anthony James and friends. Photo: Jeremy Kriegel

Boston Author Project opening at GrubStreet. Author Jane Roper and friends. Photo: Jean Kung

Author Pablo Medina

Opening of the Boston Authors Project. Photo: Jeremy Kriegel

Printing by: Bob Korn Imaging

Film by: John Neely, documentary filmmaker